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  • Our Story

    We're a young, everyday couple living in Barton Creek area of Austin that are victims of two scam artists. We hired Jason and Angie to build a wood cabinet with two LED light strips in the master bathroom of our home. Two weeks later we woke up to find the floor boards in our bathroom and bedroom hanging off the wall. Jason and Angie explained it was from the vibrations from banging their hammer; with their extensive experience, we believed them. Two days later our cleaner calls us to say "there is water dripping out of your walls."


    Most people have been hurt by contractors and, unfortunately, find themselves with little recourse. You threaten to take action but the contractor brushes your threats away knowing they can move on to their next victim leaving you abandoned.


    We've decided to do something about it!


    We don't want anyone else getting hurt by Jason Wright and Angie Hyndman or other corrupt contractors. And we believe stronger consumer protections are needed so contractors cannot continue to hurt people and walk away scot-free, with complete impunity to move onto the next victim.


    Join the cause. Join the contest. Spread the Word.

    Help stop these two from hurting the rest of us!





    Ph. 512-585-3020


    Angie works at Invuity, a San Francisco based company, as an areas sales associate based in Austin. We wonder if Invuity knows Angie is the sole director for "Raw Earth DesignWorks" and works for this "company" during the weekdays, as opposed to focusing on her job.


    CEO of Invuity 

    Phillip Sawyer



    Jason claims to have started Raw Earth DesignWorks in 2015, but Texas Secretary Of State shows their "shell" company incorporated on May 2nd after their April 28th invoice.


    Raw Earth has no review or presence on Yelp or any known social media site. The only online presence is a Houzz.com account with no reviews. 


    Jason's prior company, "Pure Construction Group" claims to have operated for 5 years ... but has NO reviews on Yelp or any other online social media.

    Raw Earth DesignWorks

    Angie Hyndman, Director

    2109 Mecca Road

    Austin, TX 78733

    Texas Secretary of State Website:


    Raw Earth was registered in May 2016 despite Jason's Linked-In profile stating July 2015. Could Raw Earth have registered after project started so that only Raw Earth, with no known assets, and not Jason and Angie personally, could be held liable for their premeditated actions?



    Incorporated May 2, 2016


    Only Angie Hyndman, a resident of Austin, is listed.


    Jason is not associated to ANY entity or company registered with Texas Secretary of State.




    $2,250 cabinet turns into $300,000 disaster

    "Bait and Switch"

    The project was for a wood cabinet with LED lights to house a coffee machine in the bathroom. Two weeks later (on original 3 day project) Jason put a nail into a water pipe and covered back the area with sheetrock. Then our house cleaner alerted us that water was dripping out of the walls.


    Early Indicators. Jason Wright and Angie Hyndman invoiced the homeowners for materials the homeowners purchased themselves, and materials never agreed-to nor delivered.


    See the picture for the change from the original invoice to the 2nd invoice.

    Plumbing Work

    Here a camera captured a BAND-AID put on the water pipe that Jason put a nail through. Soon after he replaced this with duck tape. After home owner questioned the duct tape, Jason disgruntledly put a "temp clamp" and put back the sheetrock so it could not be inspected. A LICENSED plumber later removed sheetrock and fixed water pipe correctly and removed Jason's "temp clamp" which violated building code.

    The homeowners hired and paid water inspector to review the scene and "do whatever it takes to contain the damage" the same day the house cleaner altered them to the water. Inspector's thermal camera reading and meters showed light water and moisture. Floors and walls needed to be dried and everything would be okay! But then Jason, representing himself as the "decision maker" kicked the water inspector out of home saying his thermal camera images were "F**k*** S**T" and "there is no water".


    It could have all been avoided. 3 water inspectors who reviewed the scene believe no damage would currently be present had water inspector been allowed to dry the area. The confusion in thinking Jason owned the property led to homeowners not hearing the water inspector's findings until 2 weeks later, during which time Jason represented a very different story of the water inspectors findings to the homeowners...

    Plumber Report

    "Is This A Joke?"

    Electrical Work

    Removes GFCI Water Sensor

    Jason disconnected the water sensor to GFCI outlet to heated marble floors and secondary GFCI outlet. He then showed the working GFCI switch as "proof" all water was gone. 

    After Jason's 3rd attempt at "fixing" the GFCI switchs, after which he declared, "it's is permanently fixed and you will never see a GFCI error again" the touch screen to heated floors showed "GFCI ERROR" message.


    Note: touch screen no longer functional

    The "GFCI" Report

    "He Could Have Killed Someone"

    A licensed electrician was hired to review all electrical work Jason and Angie did. Fortunately, he identified the tampering of the GFCI water sensor before anyone was hurt.

    Angie Hyndman

    No Electrician License

    No Plumbers License

    Jason Adam Wright

    No Electrician License

    No Plumbers License

    Demand Letter - June 7th

    Neither Jason Wright nor Angie Hyndman are licensed electricians or plumbers or carry liability insurance with minimum $600K or workers comp as required by the Texas Electrical Safety and Licensing Act §1305 and Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners (TSBPE). 


    Report Criminal Activity - Online Form


    (512) 854-9415 (phone)

    (512) 854-9316 (fax)


    314 West 11th Street
    Room 300
    Austin, TX 78701

    Travis County Sheriff Department, Complaints and Tips:

    TIP Line: 512-872-4975


    or submit at tip at:

    Online Form to Report Unlicensed Electricians




    P.O. Box 12157

    Austin, TX 78711

    Form to Report Unlicensed Plumbers


    Phone: 800-845-6584, x 65249

    Email: info@tsbpe.state.tx.us


    Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners

    Attn: Complaint Department

    P.O. Box 4200

    Austin, TX 78765-4200

    Report Fraud and Illegal Activity (includes insurance fraud)


    Share this page with anyone who can help bring JASON WRIGHT and ANGIE HYNDMAN to their lawful arrest and conviction -- and earn the $100,000 reward.


    Use common sense and decency. Violence will not be tolerated. If you see Jason or Angie, contact the authorities -- DO NOT TRY TO APPREHEND. The safe, lawful arrest of Jason and Angie REQUIRES the authorities (police) to apprehend them, at their discretion.

    *Person(s) who committed the crime(s) for which the reward is offered are not eligible for the $100,000 reward. 

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  • Contest Rules

    The internet provides infinite resources to review statues, case studies, regulatory bodies, other victims and file complaints. No one is excluded from contributing and winning. If it's legal for you to participate, it's fine with us.


    Money will be given to individuals that contribute information or take actions that legally lead to the arrest and felony conviction of Angie Hyndman and Jason Wright.


    The $100,000 will be given out in no more then 50 increments (average $2,000 per prize). However, if any participant contributes a "monumental" role they will be eligible for a amount not to exceed $90,000 with remaining amount distributed at sole discretion of home owners to other individuals who contributed or distributed to charity should there be no other submissions.


    Amounts given based on your actions will be determined in our sole discretion. We promise to be fair and act without bias in making these determinations.

    Be Nice. This isn't our job.

    The $100,000 is our personal money, earned from years of hard work.

    We are victims of terrible contractors, not contest experts. We believe the above provides fair opportunity for all participants. We welcome suggestions and feedback. We hope that by working together we can set a precedence for contractors to be accountable.


    For reckless contractors this contest may upset... Oh well.


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